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Virtual Security with Proactive Monitoring

Traditional security officers have a limited view of their stationed location. To increase the security within their location, business owners must employ several security officers and still risk problematic situations arising in unmonitored areas.  Typical security officers and alarm systems operate as a reactive form of protection. These forms of security lack the proactive security necessary to truly protect your business, because it is often difficult to have full situational awareness with a limited view.

With VirSec™, our team of skilled professionals will combine advanced training with real-time monitoring to proactively protect your location. VirSec™ will work directly with each client to determine their specific needs and construct a security plan to fully protect their business, personnel and customers. We use specialized software and hardware systems, which are optimized to manage your security solutions remotely.

The VirSec™ Officers will monitor your location with virtual monitoring cameras and other systems on a real-time basis. We have the capability to integrate thousands of cameras from numerous manufactures with our system. This has the potential of saving you costly system upgrades.

Our proactive security monitoring includes:

  • Virtual Doormen
  • Open & Close Doors and Gates
  • Virtual Patrols
  • Virtual Escorts
  • Real-Time Intervention
  • Dedicated Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance

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