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Utilizing Virtual Security for Vacant Real Estate

For real estate owners, providing security for an occupied building is an expected expense. However, after the real estate market crashed, thousands of properties have been left vacant and unattended.  Even empty buildings require surveillance. In fact, many insurance agencies will not cover empty property unless the owner ensures that the location is under continuous supervision. Securing an unoccupied location can be extremely expensive.

VirSec™ can provide the necessary security for your vacant real estate. Because our services include virtual security monitoring, they are cost effective and efficient.  Our team is trained to proactively monitor your location. Additionally, our services can include a series of sensors should your location require them. We offer sensors to monitor the temperature, humidity and standing water of your property.

Our security services for vacant real estate include:

  • Virtual Security Officers
  • Virtual Doormen
  • Open & Close Doors and Gates
  • Virtual Patrols
  • Virtual Escorts
  • Real-Time Intervention

With VirSec™ , you can increase security while reducing your liability and security costs. For more information about VirSec™ virtual security and protecting your vacant real estate, please contact us today.

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