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Using Virtual Security Services in Banks

Banks are one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. The United States has implemented strict guidelines to ensure our money is secure. Banks have a responsibility to keep money, customers, and personnel safe in a high-risk atmosphere. On-site security officers have a limited scope at bank locations. Limiting your bank’s security to on-site security officers can be expensive and often lacks the comprehensive supervision that your bank requires. There are many elements to every bank location and it is imperative that your security team understands the specific components of your bank.

VirSec™ officers will provide the critical protection that your bank demands. Unlike on-site security officers, virtual security will have an all-compassing view of your bank location. Our virtual security officers will work with each client to demine their individual needs. We offer scalable solutions at affordable rates for both small and large institutions.

VirSec’s™ team of skilled virtual security officers will monitor your bank location during and after business hours, including your ATM, using video surveillance. Our virtual security officers are trained to proactively monitor your bank. If a threat presents itself our officers will act quickly, ensuring your bank’s money, personnel and customers are protected 24/7.

Our bank virtual security services include:

  • Virtual Security Officers™
  • Virtual Doormen
  • Substantial End-User ROI
  • Virtual Escorts
  • Virtual Patrols
  • Real-Time Intervention

For more information about VirSec™, virtual security and our bank security services, please contact us today.

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