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University Security with VirSec

Each industry, company and location presents a unique set of security needs. Understanding how to properly handle those needs is imperative to effectively safeguard that company. Universities and colleges require extensive security coverage. Additionally, university security must encompass protection of several miles and multiple buildings.

VirSec™ has provided security solutions for a variety of industries, including university security. We can provide the comfort of knowing that your entire university is protected without the expense of endless on-site security officers. By utilizing virtual security monitoring, our team will create a university security plan to safeguard every element at your location. We understand the risks involved with operating a major university and can implement a university security plan to keep your personnel, students and visitors safe.

Here are a few university security options available: 

Dedicated Monitoring: A trained VirSec™ officer will proactively monitor multiple areas of your university at our headquarters by employing several camera systems. Our officers are licensed security officers with special training in utilizing cameras for security purposes.

Remote Intervention: If a problem should present itself, your dedicated VirSec™ officer has the ability to elevate it before it becomes serious. By utilizing speakers, strobe lights and other remotely triggered devices, our officers can deter vandalism suspects, intruders and lower risks.

Remote Access/Doorman: Our university security solutions can include remote door control. This can eliminate the cost of doormen and assist with visitor management, gate closure and more.

If you are looking to implement a custom university security plan, our VirSec™ officers can help. Contact us today for more information on our virtual security options and how we can safeguard your location.

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