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Video Surveillance

VirSec uses a variety of specialized software and hardware systems integrated and optimized for remote management.  In spite of this diverse capacity, a video surveillance system remains the focus and core of remote management.  People are highly visual creatures and extending our eyesight through these systems is a powerful solution.

Video SurveillanceVirSec has the capability of integrating literally thousands of cameras from dozens of manufacturers.  VirSec can integrate dozens of legacy systems.   This means that almost any video surveillance system can be remotely monitored and managed with little or no expectation of costly system upgrades.

The ability to use cameras to remotely manage your security and business needs is the reason VirSec was created!  The high costs of personnel on-site has lead to finding new and creative solutions that can leverage the investments of the past into the security systems of the future.  VirSec Virtual Security Officers let you balance the need for security while maintaining a practical budget.

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