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Remote Intervention

Using speakers, strobe-lights and other remotely-triggered devices, a VirSec™ Officer can prevent a loss rather than simply observe and report by performing remote intervention.

One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome in a Virtual Security environment is intervention.  Most people quickly understand that technology can project your “eyes and ear” remotely but then what?  Being able to intervene in a situation and stop an individual is critical and VirSec delivers that capability.

Virtual Security Officers have numerous tools to remotely intervene.  They can speak to intruders, activate strobe lights and sirens, close or lock gates and doors or even remotely activate safety systems and shutdowns.  In many cases, this is the full spectrum of what is expected of on-site guards.

VirSec services let you stop vandalism and break-ins rather than simply recording them! Watch this video to see how VirSec performs remote intervention services.

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