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Remote Access/Doorman

VirSec™ Virtual Security Officers™ also provide Remote Access/Doorman services. These services allow an organization to have virtually the same security and door access that it would if an actual guard were present…at a fraction of the cost. The integration of security technology (video cameras, access control, visitor management, and sensors/detectors) and the live officers in the VirSec™ Virtual Operations Center™ is a powerful combination.  Remote Access/Doorman provides all the same security at much lower costs than conventional methods (on-site guard + technology or on-site guard alone). In some applications, VirSec™ will completely replace or repurpose an existing security guard and/or doorman.  In others, Remote Access/Doorman allows an organization to limit the hours of their on-site guard(s) to only high-traffic times, and use Remote Access/Doorman services for off-peak times.  With either approach, security is maintained and significant cost savings are realized. Remote Access/Dorman may consist simply of two-way video and audio, card or biometric access control, visitor management (guest access & recording), DFO or DHO sensors or other sensors, or all the above.  Remote Access/Doorman can generally be utilized with legacy (existing) access and video technologies, as well as with most new systems.

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