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Dedicated Monitoring

At the core of almost any VirSec™ service is Dedicated Remote Video Monitoring.  Most Remote Video Monitoring companies are event driven.  This means their operators only look at your facility if an alarm or other trigger occurs.  VirSec™ is a PROACTIVE service, which dedicates the time to view and assess cameras (or other systems) and make informed decisions about the status of your facility.

An example of the value of Dedicated Remote Video Monitoring is the VirSec™ Virtual Patrol.  Most video monitoring companies offer “Virtual Patrols”.  This may provide the illusion of proactive service but in actuality it is still a triggered event.  At a pre-determined time, their system tells them to make a patrol.  An operator holds down a button and cycles through a preset sequence of camera views.   If something OBVIOUS is seen, they will react.  VirSec™ Virtual Patrols go beyond the obvious.  VirSec™ Officers are all licensed security officers selectively utilizing cameras to perform their patrol.   They are trained to assess situations and individuals, even in large groups, for behaviors that are characteristic of impending criminal action.  This means a VirSec™ Officer can intervene even before a vandalism or break-in to PREVENT the act.

Such action is not possible when operating only with alarms or other triggers.  Proactive services require dedicated time spent assessing the activity on a camera view.   Video data may be correlated to access control or other system data to enhance the assessment.  These actions can be effective, even when performed for only small windows of time.  VirSec™ Virtual Security Officers focus on dedicated monitoring of customer systems.

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