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How can a VirSec™ Virtual Security Officer actually replace an on-site guard?

Security Officers are primarily focused on observation & reporting. Technology extends the eyes and ears of our Virtual Security Officers to remote sites. This same technology permits us to interact with devices on the site such as controlling gates & doors, strobe lights, sirens or safety shutdowns.The efficiencies of these security systems combined with the lack of distraction from duties can actually make the Virtual Security Officer more effective than on-site resources.

Can I use my existing integrator or do I have to use a VirSec™ Partner?

Absolutely! VirSec™ is a service provider. While we provide technical support to our partners and customers, VirSec™ does not install systems. For those that do not have an integrator they work with, we do have Partners that can help you with system needs.

What makes VirSec™ different from others?

Most provider offerings are based solely on alarms or other triggered events. VirSec™ is a proactive service focused on real-time observation and interaction with our customers. VirSec™ is very similar to having a guard on-site, it’s just more efficient!

Who is VirSec™ and how long has it been in operation?

VirSec™ is service offering of the Huffmaster Companies. Huffmaster is a 50-year old, full-service security provider. VirSec™ has been providing Virtual Security Services across the United States for nearly 3 years.

Where is the Operations Center located?

Current operations are headquartered in Troy, Michigan.

What qualification/certifications does VirSec™ possess?

The VirSec™ Operations Center is staffed exclusively with highly trained, licensed security officers.Design Staff are Board Certified Security Professionals. The VirSec™ Operations Center was designed to meet CFATS Tier One security standards.

What are my ongoing costs?

Costs vary greatly based on the services you need or want. VirSec™ is oriented to reducing or deferring on-site staff, so even smaller applications can save money. For more information Contact a VirSec™ Representative or Visit our Cost Savings Examples.

What are my “up-front” costs to using a Virtual Security Officer?

If your existing system is one of dozens directly supported by VirSec™, there would little or no cost beyond the service fees. Non-compatible systems will obviously vary in cost based on your individual circumstances but may be as simple as changing out a DVR for a few thousand dollars. That level of cost may easily be recouped in a matter of weeks

Are digital cameras better than analog cameras?

“better” should be clearly defined here. Digital cameras are generally seen to have enhanced features, including several basic triggers or alerts that can be programmed into the cameras themselves.Picture qualities are more driven by lenses, lighting and monitors.

Do I have to install a new digital system to use Remotely Managed Security?

NO. VirSec™ services can be integrated with literally dozens of legacy platforms.

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