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Utilizing Virtual Security for Vacant Real Estate

For real estate owners, providing security for an occupied building is an expected expense. However, after the real estate market crashed, thousands of properties have been left vacant and unattended.  Even empty buildings require surveillance. In fact, many insurance agencies will not cover empty property unless the owner ensures that the location is under continuous supervision….Continue Reading

May Webinars

VirSec Virtual Security is offering two webinars at the end of this month. MAY 31 – 12pm-1pm EST – Virtual Security – Making Technology Work With Your Security Officers The practice of Remote Managed Security is quickly working its way into mainstream program.  The budgetary pressures felt at all levels are forcing decision makers to adopt…Continue Reading

Using Virtual Security Services in Banks

Banks are one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. The United States has implemented strict guidelines to ensure our money is secure. Banks have a responsibility to keep money, customers, and personnel safe in a high-risk atmosphere. On-site security officers have a limited scope at bank locations. Limiting your bank’s security to on-site…Continue Reading

VirSec Officer observes stolen car

While doing a virtual patrol, a VirSec officer notices that a vehicle has not moved from its parking space for two days.  The VirSec Officer notified the Client and they were unable to determine who the vehicle belonged to.  Since it appeared to be an abandoned vehicle the police were notified.  After checking the license plates, the…Continue Reading

VirSec helps increase security coverage

Maintenance and repair work is occuring on railroad tracks that run through a client’s property.  This requires that the client’s rail gate be left in the open position while workers are onsite. With VirSec, the designated VirSec Officer can focus extra attention on this area until the project is complete and the gate is able to…Continue Reading

VirSec Officer Witnesses Property Damage Occur 4-23-2012

During a virtual patrol I saw a customer vehicle hit and damage our client’s property.  The vehicle drove away, but I was able to get photos and pull video footage for the client to use for insurance purposes.  I was also able to provide the license plate number to the desk manager to assist with locating…Continue Reading

VirSec Officer Post – 4/12/12

We received a call from our client asking us to review the recordings of a visitor parking area. They had an individual claiming to have items stolen from his vehicle while he was inside the facility.  Our review of the recordings found that there was no activity near the visitor’s vehicle during his time in the…Continue Reading

Save Costs by Integrating Virtual Guards

In today’s economy, companies are cutting costs across all avenues; however, cutting back on security should not be one of them. That is why VirSec™ (Virtual Security) is your solution. We can help you with guard reduction that will save you money and keep your organization and staff safe from potential threats. With the advancements in…Continue Reading

VirSec Officer reduces potential loss due to fire

While conducting a virtual patrol of a facility, a VirSec Officer observed smoke coming from an areas in a camera view.  Unable to determine what was causing the smoke, the VirSec Officer contacted on-site security to investigate.  The on-site security officer notified the fire department.  The VirSec Officer’s observation allowed for a quicker response from fire…Continue Reading

Virtual Patrol – Officer Post 3/21/2012

During a virtual patrol this VirSec Officer witnessed an individual smoking near a tank that contained highly flammable materials on our client’s property.  I immediately notified the onsite security officer who responded to the location and confronted the individual.  We were able to prevent a potentially dangerous event from occurring and inform the individual of site…Continue Reading

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