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Remote Security Options

With VirSec™, companies can identify the remote security option that aligns perfectly with their needs. At VirSec™, we understand that every business is different. Both big and small, no matter what industry you are in, our team of remote security officers can offer you the protection that you’ve been looking for. With more than 50 years of experience, we can configure a plan that will fully protect your business, personnel and equipment.

At VirSec™, we offer an assortment of remote security options:

Dedicated Monitoring: With this feature, off-site security officers will proactively monitor your location. Should a threat present itself, the team can utilize our remote intervention techniques.

Video Surveillance: Our team has the ability to integrate our software systems into cameras that are already in place. We can support thousands of cameras from dozens of manufacturers. This will allow remote security monitoring.

Virtual patrols: Our team of virtual patrols is fully trained to monitor several cameras in your location at one time. This allows them a full scope of your location and will maintain security at all times.

Virtual Security Escort: Open communication between virtual patrols and your location’s personnel is essential. If an employee is leaving the office late, they can call our VirSec™ Operations Center to ask for an escort to their car. The remote security officer will then do a quick scan of the cameras to ensure the employees safety and will even remain on the line until that staff member is safely in their vehicle.

Remote Access: Doormen can be expensive. With VirSec™, gates and doors can be opened, closed and locked from off-site locations, saving you time and money while maintaining your security. Additionally, if employees forgot to lock doors upon leaving, your designated remote security officer can take care of it.

Remote Intervention: Our remote intervention techniques give added protection to our proactive approach. Our team is committing to understanding typical behavior at your location and will intervene if suspicious activity occurs by utilizing strobe lights or speakers. We will also notify law enforcement if necessary.

Our remote security options are tailored to the specific needs of your location. We work individually with each and every client to ensure they feel comfortable with the plan being implemented into their location. To learn more about our remote security options and how we can safeguard your business, contact VirSec™ today.

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