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Real Solutions with Remote Security

At VirSec™, we work hard to ensure our client’s safety. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to maintain safe working environments. Our virtual security officers utilize remote security to proactively address and eliminate risks. We take each and every incident seriously and we frequently share our experiences through our website. By sharing our client stories, we hope that others can learn more about our effective remote security solutions and how they can help your location.

Here are just a few examples of previous situations helped with VirSec™ remote security.

June 22, 2011: While routinely monitoring a high-activity site with VirSec™, one of our skilled virtual escorts witnessed some unusual activity – a trespasser had entered the location. Because our remote security allows us a much larger outlook on our client areas than on-site security officers can provide, we were able to maintain sight on the trespasser while alerting the local police department. Police were deployed to the scene and apprehend the suspect. Our client was pleased and thankful for our assistance.

August 9, 2011: After a VirSec™ client had received an injury claim from an employee, they became suspicious that the claim was inaccurate. The client asked their specialized virtual security officer to review the footage during the said time and date to further investigate the employee’s claim. With our remote security cameras, our team was able to isolate the situation that the employee had described and found their claim to be inaccurate. Our ability to review earlier events found that the employee did not appear to be injured during this period of time. We were able to export the footage to our client, allowing them to contest the claim.

March 3, 2012: With VirSec™, clients get the security of knowing that a skilled virtual security officer is observing their location at all times, even after hours. During a recent virtual patrol, one of our officers viewed an individual throwing an object through a door of the client’s facility. Luckily, the individual never entered the property and appeared to be vandalism. Our remote security system enabled us to review the situation. From that, we were able to get a clear picture of the individual and the vehicle. With this information, our client was able to forward this information to the necessary parties to complete an investigation.

These are just a few examples of our remote security solutions assisting with clients’ safety. With VirSec™, you will get the comfort of knowing that your location is truly protected. For more information about VirSec™ remote security and how we can help with your security, please contact us today.

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