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VirSec™ Virtual Security Officer

The best solution to reduce your business’ exposure for risk is the deployment of a VirSec virtual security officer. While the cost of on-site security guards rises, the price of remote monitoring continues to decline. The VirSec solution combines a licensed security guard and the most intelligent technology available; the result is great value and unmatched protection.

  • VirSec virtual security officers are licensed and trained security professionals who utilize advanced electronic equipment to remotely monitor your site in real time and avoid security breaches and other criminal activity.
  • Virtual security officers are trained to be proactive. They have access to a host of interactive devices and systems that allow intervention – before a security breach takes place. The capability to activate door and gate lockouts, safety and suppression systems, and strobe lights and sirens gives VirSec officers the necessary tools to act even more effectively and safely than if they were on-site.
  • VirSec’s virtual patrols, escorts and remote interventions can eliminate or reduce the staggering cost of on-site guards.
  • VirSec remote-managed security combines sophisticated video technologies and our dedicated team of VirSec™ virtual security officers to provide protection that on-site guards cannot.
  • VirSec’s integrated services demonstrate return on investment quickly, often within months.

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