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Proactive Security Solutions with VirSec™

Continued observation of your location is truly essential to protect you, your personnel and your customers. However, on-site security solutions often offer limited protection and can easily miss threatening situations. With VirSec™, virtual officers can provide proactive security unmatched by traditional security options. Utilizing the newest security technologies gives our virtual officers a complete view of your location, fully guarding the persons and equipment.

VirSec™ offers comprehensive, proactive security solutions to fully protect businesses in a wide assortment of industries. Rather than simply monitoring your location, our virtual officers will proactively monitor and intervene when necessary. Should a risk presents itself, officers can utilize technologies to deter offenders before a crime is committed. Our remote intervention services can employ strobe lights, sirens, close or lock gates and doors and more. This proactive security approach will maintain the highest level of security at your location at all times.

No matter what industry your business is in, VirSec™ can provide proactive security to meet your needs.  We have more than 50 years of experience and always work to include the latest security technologies in our security plans. By staying up to date on the newest security options, we provide clients with affordable and effective plans. Technologies are continuously advancing and our team stays up top of these improvements to better serve our clients.

VirSec™ services can include:

  • Remote intervention
  • Dedicated monitoring
  • Remote door and gate access
  • Virtual security escorts
  • Virtual patrols
  • Video surveillance

If clients prefer on-site presence of security officers in addition to the proactive security solutions of VirSec™, our team is prepared to help! We have trained security officers that can supplement our virtual monitoring should clients desire such services.

To learn more about our proactive security solutions and how we can protect your location, contact us today. Our highly skilled team is prepared to construct a security plan to meet your unique needs.

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