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Proactive Monitoring with Virtual Guards

The advancements in technologies have opened up the capabilities of better protection which have allowed the security of your business to improve. One of those advancements in technologies includes virtual security.  Today, our VirSec™ (Virtual Security) Services offer virtual guards that provide proactive monitoring for your organization using video surveillance software.  Our virtual security services also provide advanced training to all of its virtual guards to ensure your company receives the best protection possible.

Our experienced virtual guards proactively respond to a given situation and are able to actively protect and monitor your facility. Potential threats are found in early stages with the help of video surveillance, which allows our team to Interrupt an eventbefore it occurs. In the instance of a robbery, for example, our team is able to see the prospective predator as they approach and proactively respond, stopping them before they have a chance to act.  This is an unmatched service that can dramatically make a difference.

All VirSec™ security officers are trained in a variety of skills, including surveillance detection, physical security design, dispatching response authorities, unified incident command and hazardous material operations. Additionally, adding a virtual security guard to your business reduces your on-site headcount and saves your company money. For more information about VirSec™ and proactive monitoring, please contact us today.

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