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Real Estate/Construction Monitoring

Vacant property, dealerships and construction sites provide an open invitation for criminal activity. Unattended space is at high risk for trespassing, vandalism, theft and other crimes. VirSec™ virtual officers are there, even when you aren’t.

  • Reduce the high cost of insurance coverage with VirSec security.
  • VirSec provides a comprehensive risk management tool for property owners and managers, especially in areas such as pools, gyms, laundry facilities and hallways.
  • In multi-tenant buildings, integrating VirSec officers into the security program can reduce on-site headcount and increase security for residents.
  • Virtual Security Officers remain distraction free and focused on specialized duties, even in high-traffic areas.
  • VirSec provides cost-effective solutions to secure vacant property and reduce theft of high price metals and other construction materials.
  • Sensors detecting temperature, humidity and standing water can be integrated to provide additional security coverage.

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