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Healthcare Security

VirSec™ helps you tend to your patients while we tend to your security needs. The VirSec virtual security officer works with on-site guards to protect your healthcare facility to keep your patients and your property secure. Our trained officers work seamlessly to optimize security at any facility regardless of the complexity. VirSec helps facilities comply with HIPPA guidelines for increased patient security.

  • The VirSec healthcare application can be scaled to any need.
  • VirSec can enhance security in your healthcare facility while reducing cost.
  • VirSec technology can connect a hospital’s network buildings and parking lots, providing comprehensive site coverage.
  • Remote managed security can integrate a diverse array of specialized electronics, such as visitor control systems and personal tracking devices – perfect for elder care facilities.
  • VirSec officers watch for theft of property assets, including equipment, patient information and pharmaceuticals.

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