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Hosted Storage for Remote Security Video

With so many innovative security systems, companies often protect their location with video surveillance and other remote security solutions. This can be a helpful way to proactively monitor an area in a cost-effective way. However, properly storing this video footage can be complex and expensive.

To solve this problem, VirSec™ has an assortment of hosted storage solutions to meet the needs of remote security clients. Utilizing DVR’s or NVR’s to record remote security footage has many challenges and can be difficult to understand. With our hosted storage solutions, VirSec™ clients will receive an uncomplicated resolution to their storing problems.

Our team will work individually with each client to determine the most cost-effective hosted storage solution to meet the company’s virtual security requirements. We will assist in selecting the right video format, bandwidth and storage. Each client’s video is then stored in a secure, off-site server and can be accessed whenever needed.

At VirSec™, we have a wide range of security solutions including remote security, remote intervention, armed and unarmed on-site security officers and more. Our team will work with you to find exactly what your location needs to safeguard your business, personnel and customers.

For more information about VirSec™ hosted storage for remote security and how we can help your location, please contact us today.

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