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We at VirSec would like to welcome you as an Authorized Reseller Partner (ARP) of VirSec Virtual Security Services.

This includes Remote Monitored Video (RMV), Remote Managed Access (RMA), and Hosted Security Services (HSS).

Our relationship with our ARP’s is an essential element of the way VirSec services are delivered to end-user clients. You provide the installation and service and we provide the VirSec operations center (VOC), that enable these services to work.

In this portal you will find a number of useful tools that will assist you in marketing and implementing Virtual Security Services (VSS) to your current and prospective clients.

Please feel free to contact us for sales support, technical support, additional marketing resources, or other resources that help support you and your clients.

Thank You,

The VirSec Team























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Tech Specifications & Implementation

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