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Finding Your Off Site Security

off-site securityThe New Year is nearly here and many companies are revaluating their security needs. Though the economy is beginning to see some recovery, businesses still need to locate security that fully safeguards their location in an affordable way. Off-Site security may be the option you are looking for.

Off-site security has the ability to maintain the same level of security as on-site security with a lower cost. In fact, VirSec™ can enhance the security that you may already be used to. Because we only hire the most skilled virtual security officers, we can ensure that the long-term protection of your location is a priority. By only employing the best, we are able to promise a low turnaround rate for both our virtual and on-site security officers. This means that our security officers are committed to your location and will come to understand exactly what type of behavior is typical at your business.

Our low turnover rate and full-range view of your location allows us to proactively monitor your business, stopping a threat before it becomes a problem for you. Suspicious or strange behavior will quickly be noted by our virtual security team. We can then use an assortment of techniques to deter potential criminals or trespassers. Our off site security team can utilize our remote intervention methods such as strobe lights, speakers and remote gates.

Not only will our off-site security options be more affordable than simply employing on-site officers, but we will also have a larger view of your business. We will work with you to configure exactly what kind of equipment should be implemented. If you already have cameras in place, our services can often be integrated into that, further saving you money.

Give your business, personnel and equipment the protection they deserve. Contact VirSec™ today for more information on our off-site security offerings and to learn more about how we can start your New Year off right.

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