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Effective Security for Every Industry

Understanding the specific requirements of your company’s security needs can be difficult for many business owners and management teams. Each building and industry is different. Though there may be a security system currently in place, it might not be offering full protection of that business. Hiring an experienced security company can help ensure your company is utilizing effective security.

VirSec™ has the experience and knowledge necessary to construct an effective security plan for any industry. Our team has more than 50 years of experience in providing safety to a wide range of businesses. We will begin our process by meeting with business owners and management teams to identify the risks associated with their location, customers and products. Then, our team will evaluate how our system options can be implemented to fully protect the personnel, customers and entirety of that location.

Because every industry requires different security elements to safeguard them, we can provide a range of security methods. Here are a few options that can be used in your company’s security plan:

Dedicated monitoring: This is one of the most effective security methods a company can utilize. While many security teams simply react when an alarm is triggered, VirSec™ professionals can intervene before a threat becomes problematic.

Video Surveillance: VirSec™ can start or reconstruct a video surveillance plan for your location. Our services can easily be integrated into already existing security cameras at your location. Additionally, we can add new cameras when necessary. These cameras can then be accessed remotely.

Remote Access / Doorman: Employing a doorman can be expensive. VirSec™ offers an affordable, effective security alternative. Our dedicated team can grant remote access to your location without the cost of an officer being on location.

Remote Intervention: Part of our proactive monitoring is our remote invention. Should a risk present itself, our team can utilize a variety of intervention methods including strobe lights or speakers.

VirSec™ can provide services for almost any industry. Fully protecting your location can save you time and money. If you are interested in discussing your specific security needs, contact us today.

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