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Dedicated Security Monitoring

dedicated security A new year means new opportunities. For business owners, this is a great time to examine current spending and locate areas where costs can be trimmed. For many businesses, the security at their location is often a costly service. While eliminating your security services should not be an option, it may be cost effective to evaluate what types of services are used by your business. Companies solely using onsite security officers can eliminate some cost by combining that service with dedicated security monitoring from an offsite location or depending solely on virtual security methods.

At VirSec™, we understand the importance of locating cost-effective security services for your business. Our team will work directly with business owners and management teams to understand exactly what type of security is needed to fully safeguard the location. Our dedicated security monitoring services can be tailored to meet the requirements of any location. We have been working in this field for more than 50 years, paying close attention to the innovative technologies that make dedicated security monitoring more effective and affordable.

With VirSec™, our clients get the best security possible. Our dedicated security monitoring can include a variety of virtual security services including video surveillance, virtual patrols, virtual security escorts, remote access and doorman services and remote intervention. Our virtual security services can be integrated into many cameras that may already be installed at your location.

In addition to our offsite security offerings, VirSec™ can provide onsite security officers for your location. This can be combined with our virtual security services to create a more affordable package.

If you are interested in learning more about dedicated security monitoring or other security services offered by VirSec™, contact us today. Our team of experienced security professionals will work to find the perfect package to protect your business.

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