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VirSec Officer Posts Archive

VirSec Officer Witnesses Property Damage Occur 4-23-2012

During a virtual patrol I saw a customer vehicle hit and damage our client’s property.  The vehicle drove away, but I was able to get photos and pull video footage for the client to use for insurance purposes.  I was also able to provide the license plate number to the desk manager to assist with locating…Continue Reading

VirSec Officer Post – 4/12/12

We received a call from our client asking us to review the recordings of a visitor parking area. They had an individual claiming to have items stolen from his vehicle while he was inside the facility.  Our review of the recordings found that there was no activity near the visitor’s vehicle during his time in the…Continue Reading

VirSec Officer reduces potential loss due to fire

While conducting a virtual patrol of a facility, a VirSec Officer observed smoke coming from an areas in a camera view.  Unable to determine what was causing the smoke, the VirSec Officer contacted on-site security to investigate.  The on-site security officer notified the fire department.  The VirSec Officer’s observation allowed for a quicker response from fire…Continue Reading

Virtual Patrol – Officer Post 3/21/2012

During a virtual patrol this VirSec Officer witnessed an individual smoking near a tank that contained highly flammable materials on our client’s property.  I immediately notified the onsite security officer who responded to the location and confronted the individual.  We were able to prevent a potentially dangerous event from occurring and inform the individual of site…Continue Reading

VirSec Officer Post 3-5-2012

Tonight I was able to provide a virtual escort for one of our client’s employees.  It was late in the evening and the employee did not feel safe walking to her vehicle alone.  I was able to bring up the cameras, check the immediate area and gave her the all clear to proceed.  During a virtual…Continue Reading

Virtual Patrol Detects Suspicious Persons

During a virtual patrol two individuals were seen walking along the rail road tracks of our client’s facility.  With the zoom capability of the camera, we were able to zoom in to get a picture of the individuals.  We were able to notify the on-site officer who was able to investigate. If not for the virtual…Continue Reading

Video Surveillance

During a virtual patrol, suspicious activity was noted on the road near our client’s facility.  An individual parked a truck along the side of the road, took off the license plates and left.  Police were called to investigate! Our camera technology allowed us to spot the activity and zoom in and note important details.

Dedicated Monitoring

I noticed an employee text messaging on their phone today while handling food. This is against our clients policies they do not want any employee using their phone on the floor. I took pictures of the employee while using their phone and sent them to my supervisor and the client. The use of dedicated monitoring enables…Continue Reading

Virtual Escort

I received a call today from a female employee at one of my sites that is in charge of locking up for the night. She told me when she walks out she gets very nervous because it’s late. I told her we could do a virtual escort by sweeping the parking lot before she leaves the…Continue Reading

Virtual Escort

I helped an employee at one of our sites feel more comfortable walking to her car today through a virtual escort. It was after hours and was in an unsafe location, but by being able to watch the employee via cameras and staying on the phone until she was in the car the employee felt much…Continue Reading

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