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Meeting CFATS Regulations at Your Chemical Facility

Earlier this month the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an update on the Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program. DHS reports that they have conducted 1,242 visits to assist facilities with CFATS compliance and have authorized 380 Site Security Plans (SSP’s). To download a complete copy of the DHS CFATS update click here: DHS CFATS…Continue Reading

VirSec Joins the CSAA

VirSec has joined the Central Station Alarm Association. The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) is a trade association that represents companies offering security (alarm) monitoring systems through a central station.It also represents companies that provide services and products to the industry. Since its founding in 1950, CSAA has worked to foster and improve relations between its…Continue Reading

Surveillance Detection

While I was conducting my surveillance detection today I saw a man drive into my sites parking lot and park. This is very unusual for this site on the weekends. I let the onsite officer know what I was seeing and asked him to check it out. The man pulled out an object that could have…Continue Reading

Video Surveillance

I received a call from the manager of one our sites. He stated that one of the associates there had claimed that they had injured themselves while at work. The manager wanted us to look at our footage to see if her claim was true. After reviewing the footage it was found that the associate came…Continue Reading

VirSec In The News

Huffmaster Companies, a nationwide provider of guarding and other security technologies and services, on Sept. 1 announced the nationwide launch of its new division, VirSec, which will provide virtual security services, including remote video monitoring, remote access control management, and hosted security services via the newly opened VirSec Operations Center (VOC), which is staffed by experienced…Continue Reading

Intrusion Detection

I noticed a door that was propped open while I was doing my intrusion detection. I let the officer on site know so he could shut it. Its good catching stuff like this because it helps keep unauthorized visitors out.

VirSec in the News

VirSec Virtual Security has just been highlighted in the Oakland Press. Troy-based Huffmaster Inc., a security services provider announced the nationwide launch of its newest division; VirSec. VirSec provides “virtual security,” including remote video monitoring… Click here to check it out!

Virtual Patrol

During a Virtual Patrol i noticed a suspicious vehicle parked on the side of the road, the driver took the licenses plate off and left the truck. Police were called to investigate. This is just one of the many advantage’s of having a Virtual Security Officer.

Virtual Patrol

During a Virtual Patrol, I noticed that a crane was running without anyone in it for several minutes. I know sometimes these vehicles are left open to keep them from getting cold in the winter but it’s the middle of summer. I called the site and told them what I saw. Turns out that the driver…Continue Reading

VirSec Officer Post 8-10-11

An employee left a gate open today and after 30 minutes the company’s policy is to call to have it shut. After we called to inform them the site was very appreciative of us keeping up on their policy. It’s great to know that VirSec adds value in so many different ways.

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