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Proactive Security Solutions with VirSec™

Continued observation of your location is truly essential to protect you, your personnel and your customers. However, on-site security solutions often offer limited protection and can easily miss threatening situations. With VirSec™, virtual officers can provide proactive security unmatched by traditional security options. Utilizing the newest security technologies gives our virtual officers a complete view of…Continue Reading

Meeting CFATS Regulations at Your Chemical Facility

Earlier this month the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an update on the Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program. DHS reports that they have conducted 1,242 visits to assist facilities with CFATS compliance and have authorized 380 Site Security Plans (SSP’s). To download a complete copy of the DHS CFATS update click here: DHS CFATS…Continue Reading

Dedicated Security Monitoring

A new year means new opportunities. For business owners, this is a great time to examine current spending and locate areas where costs can be trimmed. For many businesses, the security at their location is often a costly service. While eliminating your security services should not be an option, it may be cost effective to evaluate…Continue Reading

Finding Your Off Site Security

The New Year is nearly here and many companies are revaluating their security needs. Though the economy is beginning to see some recovery, businesses still need to locate security that fully safeguards their location in an affordable way. Off-Site security may be the option you are looking for. Off-site security has the ability to maintain the…Continue Reading

Finding the Right Digital Security System

Upon opening a business, owners and management teams must identify a security system to meet the specific needs of their location. This can be especially difficult for first-time business owners, those entering a new industry or anyone researching security options for the first time. Because of the economic hardships being felt by much of the country,…Continue Reading

Cost-Effective Real Estate Security With VirSec

Purchasing real estate can be a very profitable investment. After the recent decline in our economy, buying properties, commercial buildings and homes has become a lucrative business for those with the money to invest. However, owning several properties can be risky and may require real estate security. Whether you have invested in an apartment complex, commercial…Continue Reading

October Webinars

Virtual Security – Making Technology Work With Your Security Officers October 9th – 12pm-1pm EST The practice of Remote Managed Security is quickly working its way into mainstream program.  The budgetary pressures felt at all levels are forcing decision makers to adopt new and more innovative solutions.  A Virtual Security Officer is a more than just…Continue Reading

Innovative Security Solutions

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, it is imperative for business owners to embrace the changes happening within security solutions. Tasks that were traditionally completed by on-site security officers can now be done with innovative security solutions such as remote video monitoring. Even tasks like locking gates, opening doors and calling police can be accomplished with these…Continue Reading

Remote Intervention with Remote Security

The security of your business is important. To fully protect your company, personnel and customers – it’s important to identify a company that will understand your specific needs. A generic security system can be implemented; however, will it truly protect your company in the way it deserves? With remote intervention offered by VirSec™, you will have…Continue Reading

Real Solutions with Remote Security

At VirSec™, we work hard to ensure our client’s safety. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to maintain safe working environments. Our virtual security officers utilize remote security to proactively address and eliminate risks. We take each and every incident seriously and we frequently share our experiences through our website. By sharing our client…Continue Reading

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