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Virtual Security Officer

The concept of a Virtual Security Officer is now an accepted reality as a result of three significant factor:

1)     Remote technologies exponentially increasing capacity while costs decline.

2)     Internet bandwidth not only more available but speeds increase while costs decline.

3)     Finally, the economy is forcing conventional wisdom to accept more creative applications, like Virtual Security Officers.


The vast majority of today’s Remote Monitoring Services are still largely REACTIVE.  Operators wait for an alarm or other trigger to respond.  Even services that offer patrols and escorts still function in reactive mindsets.  VirSec is a PROACTIVE service that adds value at all times.  Whether reducing head-count or avoiding on-site guards altogether, VirSec is the most cost effective way to deliver security.

VirSec provides its Virtual Security Officers the latest in audio/video so the “eyes and ears” of security are extended to your facility.  In spite of these revolutionary capabilities, they are often not enough.  Our Virtual Security Officers have access to a host of interactive devices and systems that permit intervention and response to an event.  Activating door and gate lockouts, safety or suppression systems in addition to strobe-lights and sirens gives a remote officer access to systems as if they were actually on the site!

Behind any advanced capability is the judgment and decision-making capacity of a well-trained person.  VirSec Officers are not simply alarm operators in a central station.  They are licensed and trained Security Officers.

VirSec is a highly flexible and efficient proactive tool.  Here is an example:

A national auto-transport company activated a Virtual Security Officer.   Less than 2-weeks later, the VirSec Officer intervened and prevented a multi-car theft.  This intervention saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in vehicles losses.  That single act more than paid for their Virtual Security Officer for the YEAR!

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