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System Design & Specification

The rate at which electronic systems advance is staggering.  It is difficult to stay current on the capabilities of individual systems let alone their ability to interact and integrate with one another.    VirSec™ Remote Managed Security utilizes the latest technologies to deliver our services and applications.  Working closely with our Consulting Division, a VirSec™ Design Team will specify the right system for your business.

Whether you are simply looking for basic design or complex integrations, having a vision of the future and applications that can leverage system efficiencies delivers value.  This is not a design process focused on blueprints or diagrams.  VirSec™ Consultants start every design by learning your business process.  Systems designed without this knowledge often fail or become too encumbered to successfully administrate.  By learning how your business operates, a VirSec™ Consultant will design a system that is harmonious with this process.

Once the system is designed, VirSec™ Consultants can help you develop system and installation specifications that can be used to bid the project out to integrators.  This process resembles an entre’ menu approach wherein you select how much assistance you want and VirSec™ delivers against that need.  This permits you to handle as much, or as little, of the process as you have the time, expertise and staff to manage.  As in all VirSec™ programs, they are designed to deliver efficient service in exactly the quantity and type you need.

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