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Surveillance Detection

Detecting surveillance is an advanced skill.  Once a potential surveillance is identified, VirSec™ can coordinate with law enforcement to provide counter surveillance support.

When studying criminal behaviors ranging from simple property crimes to full scale terrorism there is a common denominator…surveillance!  Almost all criminal activities involve some aspect of watching or studying a target.  This knowledge presents an opportunity to prevent, rather than simply respond, to a crime.

VirSec™ Virtual Security Officers as specifically trained to detect surveillance.  This training is highly advanced and is not common, even inside modern remote security centers.  The course used is identical to those contracted by DHS for the past 3 years.

While the skills are trained specifically for CFATS Compliance, they are readily applied to any basic security model.   Signature behaviors for surveillance are trained and tested.  Whether contemplating theft, vandalism or terrorism, the surveillance on your property can be indentified and reported.

By detecting and documenting surveillance, VirSec™ can coordinate with local, state or federal law enforcement agencies.  This gives those responders an ability to initiate Counter-Surveillance efforts to identify and interrupt an attack.

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