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Real Estate Monitoring

Since the real estate bubble collapsed the economy, literally thousands of properties sit vacant.  The cost to insure a vacant property often exceeds one with tenants.  Some insurance carriers refuse coverage unless some additional protective measures are provided.

VirSec™ provides extremely cost effective solutions to secure vacant property.  Beyond simple video, a series of sensors can be integrated to provide additional data.  Temperature, humidity and standing water are several examples of other sensors that can be integrated into a protective real estate package.  Now a single solution, VirSec™, provides a comprehensive Risk Management tool for property owners and managers.

In more traditional settings, VirSec™ provides cost effective alternatives to having on-site security officers or patrol services.  Again, beyond just security, monitoring of high risk areas such as pools, recreation centers or laundry spaces can provide tenants a secure presence and comfort without the expense of on-site personnel.

In multi-tenant buildings, integrating VirSec™ into the security program can reduce headcount while insuring that the maximum capabilities are still provided to tenants.  In high traffic areas, Virtual Security Officers can remain distraction free and focused on specialized duties.

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