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Hosted Storage Solutions

Many businesses prefer to avoid the complexity and challenges associated with DVR’s or NVR’s.  VirSec™ offers customers the option of storing their video in secure, off-site, servers.  No more administrating, servicing and managing storage hardware and/or software.

Some circumstances may require the redundancy of storing video off-site.  VirSec™ has a variety of options for storing your video.  Not only can the video be stored, it can be configured to “groom” the video for optimal storage quality and length.

Several manufactures offer storage capacity in the cameras themselves.  This capacity is used to provide a backup when customers do not want any recording devices installed at the remote site.

Hosted Storage solutions can be designed for almost any application.  In general, hosted solutions are cost effective for small sites with six or less cameras.  The location of the video storage has little impact on your ability to view your cameras either on-site or remotely.

The VirSec™ Design Team can help you select the type of video format, bandwidth required and storage capacity.

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