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Healthcare Security

Security at a healthcare facility is a specialized service. Whether addressing the vulnerability of those under care or the volatility of the aftermath of violence, healthcare facilities cannot simply place a basic security officer in those roles.

The VirSec™ Virtual Security Officer integrates with on-site personnel to provide a seamless interaction to optimize security at any facility.  The VirSec™ Healthcare Application can be scaled to any need.  Whether considering outsourcing the entire security program or simply adding a cost effective enhancment, VirSec™ has an efficient solution.

Many hospitals have become sprawling networks with facilities spread out over an entire region.  VirSec™ lets you manage security at these remote facilities.  A single standard of service, specially trained officers, the latest integration with technology, all work together to make VirSec™ a perfect fit for your organization.

Continued and Specialty Care Centers have a more urgent use for VirSec™.  Remote Managed Security extends well beyond simple video or access control systems.  It is feasible to connect to a diverse array of specialized electronics.  Visitor control systems and personal tracking devices for infants or elder-care are examples of such integration. A VirSec™ integration allows you to enhance service in your center while still reducing security cost!

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