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CFATS Compliance

The CFATS regulation is designed to apply Risk Based Performance Standards (RBPS) to Facilities that posses Chemicals of Interest.  Meeting these standards undoubtedly adds security and therefore increases your cost.

VirSec™ was designed to give business options beyond simply adding guards to your facilities.  Many of the RBPS requirements can be successfully met remotely.  Challenging standards such as Continuous, Dedicated, Real-Time Monitoring, Restricted Area Escort, Access Control Portals and Surveillance Detection Programs are specially built into VirSec™.

Whether you choose to implement VirSec™ as an entirely remote application or combine it with on-site officers, the resulting solution will be more efficient and cost effective than just on-site guards.   Behind each VirSec™ application is the knowledge and wisdom that can only come from Security Experts that have worked with the CFATS Regulation since its inception.  Huffmaster has been designing comprehensive solutions for CFATS since the early DHS Pilots and participated in nearly a dozen Pre-Authorization Inspection visits with DHS.  No one provides a more comprehensive, turn-key solution to CFATS Compliance.

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