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Asset Protection/ Tracking

VirSec™ introduces several capabilities for Protecting and/or Tracking Assets.  In large warehousing operations, high value assets can be located almost anywhere.  With such dynamic environments, using on-site personnel to track and protect these assets is costly and inefficient.  With the proper integration to inventory control software, security systems can be tasked to maintain watch on multiple assets in various locations.

Overseeing high value assets is a significant advantage for VirSec™.  On-site personnel are more easily observed and avoided.  Security guards on-site quickly develop patterns and other predictable behaviors.  Once learned through simple observation, these guards are then more easily defeated.  VirSec™ Officers making their Virtual Patrols are almost impossible to detect and therefore unlikely to be defeated.

VirSec™ Officers go well beyond simply responding to alarms or other triggers.  These Virtual Security Officers are trained to identify suspicious and characteristic behaviors that are undetectable by alarms or even the most sophisticated analytics.  With VirSec™ you don’t have to wait for an asset to be stolen to respond.  Our Virtual Security Officers can detect and interrupt sophisticated plans and attacks.

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