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VirSec™ Remote Managed Security frequently combines multiple services to create customized applications.  These applications provide specialized capabilities best suited to a remote team.  They also introduce efficiencies that result in significant cost savings. VirSec™ delivers on a rare goal; more capacity for less cost!


CFATS Compliance – DHS regulations introduce many intense security requirements for chemical facilities.  Integrating Dedicated Monitoring, Surveillance Detection,  Virtual Escorts and other services make the VirSec™  CFATS Application a significant tool to achieve compliance .  Click here for more details.


System Design & Specification – Many companies know they want to update their systems but are unsure what they need.  The VirSec™ Design Team will specify the right solution for you.  You can also have our team assist with bids and vendor selection.  Click here to learn more.


Surveillance Detection & Counter Surveillance – Detecting unlawful surveillance of your facility is an advanced skill.  Once a potential threat is identified, VirSec™ can coordinate with law enforcement to provide counter surveillance support.  To learn more about this specialized solution, click here.


Real Estate Monitoring – Today’s economy has created many vacant properties.  VirSec™ has a number of services designed to reduce insurance costs, prevent losses and otherwise protect your idle investmentClick here for details.


Health Care Security – Ranging from services such as Elder Care Monitoring to Pharmaceutical Control Programs, VirSec™ has services designed to support any size health care facility.   For more details, click here.


Asset Protection & Tracking – Ever wonder where an important shipment or asset was?   A  GPS device can provide data but VirSec™ will help you use that data to manage and protect your assets in any threat environment.  Click here to learn how.


Hosted Storage Solutions – Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions dominate the attention of IT Professionals.  VirSec™ delivers the latest SaaS type solutions to Security Professionals.   Click here to see how hosted storage can help your organization.


Virtual Security Officer – The cost of staffing security posts is staggering.  Using Virtual Patrols, Escorts and Interventions, VirSec™ provides you the first viable alternative.  Click here for more details.

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