Huffmaster Business Secured at a Higher Level

Reduce Security Costs

A virtual security officer can reduce on-site officer headcount or eliminate on-site guards all together

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Increase Efficiency

With a VirSec Virtual Security Officer, you receive all of the efficiencies of advanced electronics while maintaining the human element.

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Improve Safety and Protection

Virtual Patrols, Escorts & Remote Interventions make having a VirSec Officer an option for every security need.

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  • About VirSec™

    Your on-site guard may be more effectively and efficiently replaced by a certified, virtual security office.

    Remote video monitoring is the VirSec™ security solution -- real-time, full-time monitoring by a highly trained virtual security officer.

    The VirSec officer is just like an on-site guard, only better. Why? Because VirSec security officers can prevent crimes before they happen – 24/7. Our cameras can be where security guards can’t. Virtual monitoring puts our eyes on your most valuable resources, and provides protection and confidence for your employees.

    From virtual patrols to escorts and remote interventions, entrusting your business to our team is the smartest, safest and most cost-effective way to protect your business every minute of every day. Learn More...
  • Testimonials

    “Cameras are worth little unless they are monitored, and hiring, training, and supervising a security officer is ineffective and expensive. VirSec Virtual Security met our needs, and we recommend all schools consider your firm’s services”

    Jeremy Gilliam
    Michigan Technical Academy

    “People get tired, they fall asleep, their car breaks down on the way to work, they get sick, you name it…VirSec removes that human element…With VirSec’s system, we’re looking at savings of $500,000 (on security) over a five-year span”

    Mike Case
    Director of Loss Prevention

    Art Van

    “It has been a cost savings for us…Most of our sites are donor centers that are between 3,000 to 8,000 square feet that do not merit having a traditional security guard. so the virtual security services from VirSec has an edge. It’s not just after the fact, it’s someone that is actively watching the facilities and seeing things first hand. It’s also used for preventative purposes”

    Bill Ogg
    Director of Facilities – Western Division
    American Red Cross

    “Since actual surveillance began, VirSec has worked with local police response on multiple occasions to mitigate security problems that have been a constant source of irritation for our employees and our guests. I would recommend VirSec Virtual Security as a high quality provider for anyone in need of a cost-effective security solution”

    Mike Jaber
    Motel 6

  • Education

    Ever wonder what are Analytics? Virtual Patrols? Remote Intervention? Learn Here
  • Improve Safety

    Would you like to improve the safety & protection of your employees? Find Out How Here
  • Cost Savings

    Would you like to save money on your security budget? Your Savings Start Here
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